Strategic Baseline Assessment Service for Document Output TechnologyTM
Complete Acquisition Service for Document Output TechnologyTM
Total Management Service for Document Output TechnologyTM

Total Management Service for Document Output TechnologyTM

Proactive management of your copier and printer environment and your suppliers with management best practices ensures you will maintain control and get what you pay for.

Optimizon’s Total Management Service solution is comprised of an extensive data collection and reporting system that monitors all device information including equipment, service contracts, invoices, operating costs, print output, device utilization, etc. to make sure both devices and suppliers are operating as planned and within set spending limits.

Keeping up with breakdowns, enforcing contract terms, requesting service calls, resolving billing discrepancies, etc. are complex and overwhelming tasks for organizations. Optimizon’s fleet management service removes the day-to-day burdens from administrators. It allows proactive improvement in the cost and performance of copier/printer fleets and minimizes the constant jumping from emergency to emergency.

Optimizon’s proactive system automatically flags cost, performance and contract variances against preset benchmarks and sets in motion processes for immediate resolution. These processes are proven to minimize downtime, optimize performance and provide cost control. To ensure vendor compliance, all equipment, service, and supply pricing terms are stored and monitored for accuracy throughout the life of the contract, and invoices are confirmed for accuracy before payment is made by the customer. Service calls are recorded in detail and equipment performance is clearly defined. Copier lease terms are also stored and analyzed to avoid missing important dates and eliminate automatic renewals.

Optimizon clients have 24/7 online access to equipment cost and usage information from a single or multiple vendors, including usage trends, average cost per copy, and total cost of operation.

Optimizon Digital Imaging Fleet Management Service Benefits:

  • Improve performance of document production devices
  • Optimize service contract costs
  • Resolve supplier invoicing errors
  • Rectify sub-par device and supplier performance
  • Calculate true costs of document production
  • Centralize fleet information
  • Ensure rightsizing of equipment based on historical data
  • Identify and resolve device utilization issues

Optimizon Digital Imaging Fleet Management Service Features:

  • Achieve detailed visibility into entire fleet spend
  • Discover true output costs by device, workgroup, department, etc
  • Measure and monitor equipment utilization and performance
  • Implement strategies to maximize profitability and performance
  • Reduce soft dollar costs associated with manual processes
  • Re-deploy or remove under-performing equipment
  • Renegotiate underperforming contracts
  • Identify and resolve billing / invoicing issues
  • Right-size equipment/service agreements as needed
  • Craft tightly specified RFQs and rock-solid supplier contracts
  • Speed up vendor selection and contract negotiation processes
  • Improve reliability of combined fleet through better asset and vendor performance management
  • Lower management, administrative and procurement costs by centralizing the procurement and management of all fleet devices.

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