Strategic Baseline Assessment Service for Document Output TechnologyTM
Complete Acquisition Service for Document Output TechnologyTM
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Strategic Baseline Assessment Service for Document Output TechnologyTM

A complete and objective assessment of ALL PAGES from ALL DEVICES, EVERYWHERE - whether you're a local, regional, national or global organization!

Making changes to copier and printer fleets requires extensive understanding and knowledge of where your organization is, how you operate, and what you are trying to accomplish. The first logical step in any procurement process is to gain understanding through a fleet assessment. While some organizations try to sort their data out on their own, many administrators simply rely on their suppliers to provide an assessment. This practice yields fleets with high costs and poor performance under contracts with high levels of risk.

You Need Information Vendors Won't Provide

Let's face it. If a vendor provides an assessment, the information and solutions are based on their equipment specifications and services. They will never recommend solutions that would enable another supplier to compete with them. Besides, they really don't give you all the information you need to form a strategy and write an RFQ.

Optimizon's Vendor-Neutral Approach Solves This

We are 100% vendor-neutral, and look at your organization with no preset agenda. We focus on gathering and analyzing all the data required to ensure the real state of the organization is known, and the real needs of the organization are uncovered and understood.

Our Service Is Guaranteed

In 98% of the copier and printer fleet assessments we've completed, we've been able to identify and provide suggestions and plans for achieving significant cost savings. We're so confident that we guarantee it. Optimizon's Fleet Assessment will identify savings opportunities of at least 5x our assessment fee (while improving your operations) or you don't pay. It's that simple.

The Benefits Are Extensive

Optimizon's Fleet Assessment will provide you with the information you need to make your procurement and management processes a success!

  • Provide a complete financial picture of your copier and printer fleet
  • Analyze your organization's goals and planning processes surrounding digital imaging fleet equipment and provide expert suggestions
  • Report standards, indicators, and expectation level setting and achievement
  • Analyze contract and fleet control levels
  • Analyze internal resources and their use in achieving strategic goals
  • Provide strategy analysis within each area of contract administration
  • Analyze planning and execution analysis of internal contract administration practices, processes and goals
  • Provide complete fleet cost analysis
  • Provide complete fleet volume analysis
  • Provide complete fleet utilization analysis
  • Provide complete fleet performance analysis

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