Print Management Services

Copier / Printer / Print Optimization Services

We’ve learned from assessing, acquiring and managing more than $200,000,000 in document output equipment and contracts what it takes to reduce costs, improve performance, and eliminate risk. Three services combine expertise, processes, and technology to help you and your team get the most cost and performance improvement possible from your document output system, no matter where you are in your project.

ASSESSMENT SERVICE – Strategic Baseline Assessment Service for Document Output TechnologyTM

Achieve a complete and objective assessment of ALL devices, ALL pages that baselines your output metrics, benchmarks them, and provides the strategy and information you need to save your organization time and money – NO MATTER WHICH VENDOR YOU USE! Learn more…

PROCUREMENT SERVICE – Complete Acquisition Service for Document Output TechnologyTM

Maintain “senior partner” status in your supplier relationships – while maximizing competition, reducing the need for negotiatiation, and establishing a contract with measurable metrics – A CONTRACT THAT CAN ACTUALLY BE MANAGED! Learn more…

MANAGEMENT SERVICE – Total Management Service for Document Output TechnologyTM

Eliminate cost creep, hold suppliers accountable, and improve services to your end-users by leveraging our technology, expertise, and personnel to “do the work” to ensure your document output system is providing the best possible support toward the achievement of YOUR ORGANIZATION’S STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE! Learn more…

Business Document and Print Management Solutions for Copier and Printer Fleets Based on Industry Best Practices

Vendor-Neutral Print Management Services that Help Administrators Regain Control of the Cost and Performance of Their Business Office Equipment Fleets

Optimizon provides professional services for business document management systems at every stage in a fleet sourcing or procurement cycle. From the initial fleet assessment through creation, execution, and management of copier and printer contracts, we have the expertise, processes, and technology to assist you in significantly improving the cost and performance of your digital
imaging fleet.

Copier/Printer Fleet Lifecycle

Most of our long-term clients use our full array of services to cover all the components of contract administration throughout the lifecycle of the copier and printer fleet. There are specific steps to follow, depending on how your organization deals with capital equipment acquisitions, and here’s where our services fall into place:

  1. Knowing What You’ve GotFleet Assessment Service
  2. Acquiring What You NeedFleet Acquisition Service
  3. Getting What You’re Paying ForFleet Management System

Our complete array of services can help your organization reach its goals while improving cost and performance across the board.

What Our Services Will Do For You

Admin/Finance Managers

Spend much, much less and get more

There are literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars in savings on the table waiting to be claimed. And you can harvest these savings without investing in new hardware, software or additional head count. All infrastructure is provided by Optimizon and there is only nominal, up-front expense as our fees come out of the savings we capture for you.

Zero risk

Optimizon guarantees the savings we project. And if for some reason, we are unable to deliver the guaranteed 30% ROI (which has never happened), our fees will be reduced until we do. In short, you have nothing to lose.

Perhaps most important, these savings are not conditioned on your users doing more with less. Or giving up capabilities. Or dealing with rationed fleet resources. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Uptime and productivity actually increase because our right-sizing model gives users the capabilities and horsepower they need to do the job right. Our intensive, proactive management helps prevent breakdowns before they happen, further improving uptime.

Finally, Optimizon ensures your contracts have bulletproof provisions for enforcement of vendor responsibilities. If printer/copier/service providers don’t live up to the contracts, there are terms in place to ensure a quick and efficient remedy.

Procurement / Purchasing Managers

World-class online RFP process

Drastically cut the time you spend on research, vendor presentations, phone calls, emails and sifting through proposals. Optimizon’s online RFP process automates procurement tasks to slash the time you spend on copier and printer purchases. All vendor bids are centralized in one document that you access with a web browser.
Sort, analyze and compare bids with a few clicks of a mouse. For larger purchase contracts (e.g., 100 or more units), you can cut the entire purchase cycle by weeks or even months and save countless hours.

Best possible price and terms

The Optimizon competitive bidding process compels vendors to put their best offer forward so you get the optimum price every time. And with Optimizon’s expert help, you can further ensure that all service, support and maintenance terms are written in your favor (most “standard” contracts are weighted in the vendor’s favor).

A better way to work without changing the way you work

Does a department head want a comparison between two machines he’s considering? No problem. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can pull together and print a detailed report. New machines introduced after the bid has been awarded? Not an issue. Vendors simply update their contract with costs, speeds and feeds, duty cycles, etc. of the new products so that current information is always at your fingertips. And this “living” Optimizon RFP process can support any approved vendor list or
state purchase contract requirements, so you don’t have to change how you work.

IT / IS Managers

Focus on higher value IT projects, not daily printer/copier
fleet management

All too often, immediate demands and daily emergencies interrupt higher-value IT work. But it doesn’t have to. You can offload print management and printer lease management onto Optimizon and focus on strategic, important projects. Imagine being relieved of a multitude of print responsibilities, like evaluating the constantly changing parade of hardware solutions. Or analyzing the service offerings of five different vendors. Optimizon does all this and more to provide welcome relief for
overworked IT staffs.

Optimizon ensures compatibility and standardization

Optimizon makes sure that only machines that are compatible with your environment can be procured, reducing help desk calls caused by maverick machines. Further, by enforcing standardization, we help reduce fleet complexity and simplify support issues in the print space for IT.

Contain staff head count

Printer/copier fleets can create incredible demands on staffing and budgets. But with Optimizon enforcing the purchase of standardized, compatible solutions, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on resolving printer/ copier issues and prevent staff headcount from ballooning. And that’s one less headache you have to deal with.

What’s Next?

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