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Visalia Unified School District Case Study

Visalia Unified School District, located in California's San Joaquin Valley, has 25 elementary schools, four middle schools, four high schools, and a variety of charter and specialty schools. The district serves 32,000 students and has a workforce of 2,500 teachers and staff.

The District had not gone out to bid for their copier fleet for several years. According to Robert Gröeber, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, the time had come to open the door to competitive offers. "It was time to be sure we are providing the best service for students and the people in the district offices," says Gröeber.

But Gröeber and his team quickly realized that they needed outside assistance to perform a proper analysis. "It was going to be a huge project and a tremendous amount of work," explains Gröeber. "And we simply didn't have the expertise on staff to do the kind of research and investigative work that was needed."

Visalia USD engaged Optimizon for the analysis because of their reputation as an independent resource with great experience working with other school districts and administrators. "They are not tied to a particular vendor or brand," says Gröeber. "And their expertise working with other school districts nationwide was a tremendous benefit."

Optimizon conducted a thorough analysis that included the district copier fleet, district-wide departmental desktop and workgroup printers, and the district's centralized print shop. "The study uncovered not just the ability to increase our efficiency and consequently reduce our costs, but also important ways to improve our service to the school sites and district office locations," says Gröeber

As a result, Visalia USD is on their way to saving over $1.5 million over the next five years and has reached their goal of finding ways to optimize financial and operational performance of their copier and printing environment.

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