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Report on Survey of K-12 School Districts' Current Practices and Challenges Delivering Document Production Services

Managing costs and improving performance through active vendor selection, performance benchmarks, and executive leadership.

In the summer of 2007, Optimizon sponsored a telephone survey of business managers, administrators, and senior executives from 107 K-12 school districts, the majority ranging in size from 10,000 to 35,000 students. The districts surveyed each spend approximately $500K to $2M annually on internal document production.

The 20 question survey on document production services was designed to gather information on the manner in which such services are procured and managed. Questions ranged from the type of procurement, to the organizational structure in which they are procured and maintained, to the challenges associated with sourcing and managing document production.

All surveyed school district personnel identified themselves as having responsibility over the business relationship with document production and/or the finances used to procure and maintain copiers and associated supplies provided under document production contracts for service.

As a survey to better understand current practices, the survey was conducted without bias. The survey did not contain any preconceived conclusions or leading questions.

For the purpose of the survey, document production services were broadly defined as machines and services used to produce copies of documents and associated vendor relationships and support agreements. These machines may be used for document production of all type, including classroom materials, parental notification, homework assignments, and administrative support.

This report highlights three areas of the survey where clear conclusions can be drawn: cost management is the greatest challenge to managing document production; passive vendor and point-in-time service selection contribute to cost overruns and underperforming vendor relationships; and lack of performance benchmarks and metrics hinder expense management and vendor and machine performance.


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