Print Management Procurement Service

Complete Procurement Service for Document Output Technology

Optimizon’s Acquisition Service for copiers and printers achieves ideal vendor contracts through acquisition and contracting best practices that reduce costs and improve control of your office equipment fleet.

Optimizon’s Digital Imaging Fleet Acquisition Service for office equipment including copiers, printers, MFPs, MFDs and color devices is composed of 12 components which can be used as a group or individually as needed. The processes have been innovated and proven over the past 26 years, and deliver what they say they will every single time. Prepare to never have a purchasing or copier lease headache again!

Printer and Copier Contract Acquisition Service Components

  1. Copier and Printer Acquisition Process Strategy Planning – Working with your organization to completely understand your needs, desires, problems, frustrations, wants, and goals, and establishing a project plan to achieve each and every requirement and desire.
  2. Strategic Analysis – Strategic, process, and device overview analysis that delivers a decisive administrative-level report providing clear rankings of current risk, organizational strengths and weaknesses, and clear and implementable suggestions. This analysis is based on 30+ years of combined experience and direct involvement in the creation, execution, and management of over $100,000,000 in digital equipment contracts that will eliminate re-occurring issues, improve performance, reduce cost, and virtually eliminate both the known and hidden risks of your next copier/printer contract.
  3. Tactical Analysis – Tactical Report of your current copier and printer fleet replacement and equipment move suggestions and strategies, spotlights cost and performance improvement opportunities; analyzes volumes, networking, finishing, and other options.
  4. Creation Of Complete Acquisition Needs Definition Document – Complete equipment segment specifications, optional equipment needs, leasing specifications, service pricing requirements, acquisition terms, service terms, organizational terms, and additional components that guarantee top-level performance from every contract and device.
  5. Bid-Ready RFP – Creates a complete RFP for hardware, service and software that is ready for delivery to the suppliers and vendors you invite to participate in your acquisition process for establishing vendor contracts.
  6. RFP Distribution / Bid Management through eRFx Technology – Delivery and support of the supplier and vendor bidding process through Optimizon’s Proprietary Online e-RFx Technology, includes setup, training, and support.
  7. Bid Completeness and Clarification Gathering – Analysis and gathering of any additional supplier response required for clarification and completeness of analysis needs.
  8. Structuring Of Bid Costs, Configurations and Terms Into Analysis-Ready Format – Compilation of each bid response and setup of multiple configurations based on organization’s strategic and tactical goals in Optimizon’s Proprietary Online Bid Analysis Analyzer.
  9. Optimizon’s Propritery Ideal Contract Selection Framework Analysis – Provides bid rankings based on all tangible bid answers as well as the intangible bid strategies and personal experience Optimizon has with suppliers over the past 16 years while working with other clients across the nation in their end-to-end contracting and management processes for copier and printer fleets.
  10. Contract Negotiation Coaching and Assistance – Expert assistance from industry experts who sit on your side of the table and know the questions to ask based on understanding the industry, how suppliers do business, and an intimate understanding of your organization’s interests.
  11. Contract Construction – Writes a copier contract or printer contract for you to protect your organization’s interests and efforts through the acquisition process – it eliminates the unknowns and sketchy terms that can remove responsibility for cost and performance levels from your supplier.
  12. Installation Oversight Assistance – We provide complete assistance by working with locations to end leases, schedule copier and printer equipment pick-ups and moves, schedule installs, schedule training with your Key-ops and suppliers, and ensure a smooth installation process.

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