We're nothing without our clients - 24+ years of shared success

We're extremely proud of the clients we've had the pleasure of serving. In over two decades of business, we've enjoyed working with companies and public entities across the country - both large and small.

Here's a sample of the outstanding organizations we've supported and success we've shared!

Millions of dollars saved in our clients' procurement processes




Over 300 locations served nationwide




Thousands of copiers supported monthly in procurement and ongoing maintenance




Countless private and public sector success stories




F1000 experience

"The difference with using Optimizon is that we are in the driver's seat, not the vendor."

Dr. Bruce Gestrin
Assistant Superintendent
Meridian Joint School District No. 2


"Optimizon gives us a strategic advantage, and we don't want our competitors using you guys."

Vice President of Finance
Financial Services Company
New York


"We actually took $240,000 out of the 2010 budget and I expect that reduction to continue for the next five years."

Alex Simpson
Dir. of Finance
Meridian Joint School District No. 2


"Boise is saving 35% having used Optimizon. These are savings we wouldn’t have gotten had we not gone through Optimizon’s process."

Jim Ferguson


"Optimizon has fully lived up to my expectations – and believe me, they were very high!"

Marcia James
District Coordinator
Forest Grove School District


"We wouldn’t even have known what to ask for without Optimizon. They turned our bid request into a comprehensive document that asked all the right questions."

Beky Silkworth
Director of Accounting
Lapeer Community Schools


"Optimizon is very personable, professional, and knowledgeable about their products. We've used them in several copier acquisitions and in each case they've saved us up to 25% more than the best deal we could have made on our own."

E. Renn Yorgason
Moffatt Thomas


"We use Optimizon to monitor copier maintenance agreements and write specifications for copier purchases...They have saved our office a lot of time in the purchasing process and have been able to help us obtain better service from our copier vendors."

Tara Orr
Office of the Attorney General, State of Idaho


"Optimizon helps our budget by finding new ways to manage and direct the flow of copier traffic and usage throughout the district... I have recommended them to other school districts and other businesses."

Jon P. Allen
Nampa School District


"Optimizon provided me with the tools to make an intelligent copier purchase. I don't know how I would have done it without them."

Shan Miller
Tomlinson & Associates

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