Print Management Consulting for Colleges and Universities

Print Management Consulting for Colleges and Universities

Who We Support

Optimizon supports internal college and university teams in optimizing copy and print environments. Our services are designed to augment what central office teams are already doing, filling in the gaps and keeping things from falling through the cracks.

Problems We Help College and University Leaders Solve

  • Vendor Complacency

  • Poor Equipment Performance

  • Invoice & Billing Issues

  • Budgeting & Chargeback Issues

  • Supply Delivery Issues

  • Overselling by Vendors / Overbuying by Sites

  • RFP/Procurement Complexity & Compliance

  • Apples-to-Oranges Solution Bidding by Vendors

  • Out-Of-Control Costs

  • Management Buy-In

  • End-User Push-Back on Print Strategy

  • One-Sided Contracts That Only Protect Vendors

  • Incomplete Software Implementations

  • Time Wasted by IT On Printers

How We Help

Optimizon helps colleges and universities save time and money while working with their local copy/print vendors. We’ve learned from assessing, acquiring and managing more than $200,000,000 in document output equipment and contracts what it takes to reduce costs, improve performance, and eliminate risk.

Three services combine expertise, processes, and technology to help you and your team get the most cost and performance improvement possible from your document output system, no matter where you are in your project.

Ready to Learn More?

Use the online appointment booking app below to schedule an appointment with our team. We’re looking forward to connecting and showing you how our services might help you accomplish what you’re trying to do for your college or university!