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Meet the Optimizon Team

Rod Davis
President & Founder
Hannah Recla
VP Client Services
Ethan Davis
VP Sales & Marketing
Mel Walker
Director, Technical Services
Lisa Kitamura
Analysis Services
Katina Clifford
Manager, Data Management
Susan Wallace
Data Management
Joel Davis
Analysis Services

About Optimizon

We are a professional services firm that helps administrators create, execute, and manage ideal contracts for copier and printer fleets. We are completely vendor-neutral and we don’t sell equipment, equipment-related services, or supplies.

The root of our name, optimize, means "to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible." Our definition of an ideal contract is one that is as perfect, effective AND functional as possible, so we coined the noun, Optimizon, pronounced 'optimize on', to refer to our company.

Since 1992, we have been providing expertise, processes and technology that improve copier and printer fleet operations while reducing costs. We guarantee a 30% ROI on our services and we stand behind our guarantee. If we are not able to measurably improve your copier and printer fleet operations and costs, we refund our fees.

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