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Optimizon is your trusted experienced vendor-neutral expert partner for managing print.

We Save Real Time and Real Money

We help our clients save time, save money, and improve efficiencies when contracting for and managing copiers, printers and print services.

We Are 100% Vendor Neutral

Optimizon is 100% vendor neutral. We don't sell any equipment, service, supplies or software. We don't get paid from anyone who does.

We Guarantee Results

Our professional services are guaranteed to reduce cost, maximize quality, and eliminate risk.

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Who We've Helped Customer Quotes Success Stories
Government (Federal, State, City)
Higher Education
"Optimizon kept the vendors from twisting their presentations to meet their sales goals and the process allowed Boise to set our own standards to which each vendor had to conform. In total, Boise is saving 35% having used Optimizon.These are savings we wouldn't have gotten had we not gone through Optimizon's process."
Jim Ferguson
Boise, Inc.

Paper company saves $8 million
School District saves $1.2 million
Building Materials org saves 46%

Doing a copier/printer Assessment? In 90 days you can know everything - for less than it costs to know nothing.

Make Better Decisions

Know exactly how to make the strategic planning, policy, process, workflow, and device-level decisions you need to!
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Achieve Control

Gain complete control of your costs, your vendors, your contracts, your organization,
and your fleet!
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Find Peace of Mind

Have the right devices, in the right places, for the right person, for the right purpose,
at the right cost, always!
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The vendor-neutral process you want... delivering the data you need:

A complete and objective copier/printer assessment...

Optimizon's STRATEGIC BASELINE ASSESSMENT is an independent, vendor-neutral copier/printer assessment that in 90 days analyzes all pages, all devices, everywhere and delivers an exact roadmap for transforming un-managed copier/printer fleets into well-managed output environments.

Measures the correct scope and scale for real improvements...

More than a simple cost/volume analysis, this assessment analyzes device metrics, internal processes, current policies, and overall output strategies to determine exactly what must be done to control volume, optimize workflow, maximize utilization, minimize equipment and contract expenses, and eliminate cost creep.

Gives you everything you need to know...

Delivering comprehensive baselining, real-world industry-specific benchmarking, real opportunity identification, and objective, vendor-neutral recommendations, Optimizon's STRATEGIC BASELINE ASSESSMENT is the best first-step for administrators who want to achieve and maintaining significant long-term expense reductions and efficiency improvements.

For less that it costs to do nothing (or use a vendor assessment).

Costing a fraction of an organization's annual copy/print spend and delivering average expense reductions of 20%+ over the life of the resulting copy/print contracts (not just the 10% to 30% of first-year expenses vendors are quoting - which are quickly lost to the 8%+ per year cost creep found in most contracts), Optimizon's STRATEGIC BASELINE ASSESSMENT is the logical choice that will ensure your organization has the right device, for the right person, in the right place, for the right purpose, at the right cost... always.

More about Optimizon's METHODOLOGY & PROCESSES...

Optimizon's print management services do the work... so you don't have to:


FIRST, we deliver complete and objective baseline AND benchmark information for every page, every device, everywhere.

Learn more about the achieving COMPLETE and OBJECTIVE copy/print assessment information...

SECOND, we achieve the most competitive pricing for the exact needs with the strongest terms and conditions.

Learn more about the ultimate contracting process for devices, services and supplies...

THIRD, we maintain the cost, performance and utilization through constant measurement of the things that matter.

Learn more about event-level management that achieves savings and efficiencies!


Whether you have a traditional copier/printer fleet or print management services, with our services your organization can:

  • Contain and Manage Document Output Costs
    Save hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars while getting better equipment and service.
  • Improve Device/Supplier Performance and End-User Satisfaction
    Increase device uptime by hundreds of hours - improving workflow and eliminating frustrations.
  • Increase Control Over Your Contracts and Suppliers
    Eliminate the unnecessary contracting and financial risk that 90% of today's copier and printer contracts contain.
  • Save Time
    Free attention to focus on core business activities.

We're The Industry Leaders. And We Guarantee Results.

We were the first vendor-neutral firm in the world to EVER provide document output optimization services.

Our unblemished 20 year track record of promising incredible improvements and expense reductions and delivering more than we promise has created a large base of fanatical clients who are more than willing to share their experiences with you anytime you desire.

Add to that the fact that we are the ONLY firm who will guarantee both savings AND ROI... IN WRITING, and you'll agree that bringing us in to help you with this nearly impossible task is one of the best decisions you will make for your organization.

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Assessment, Acquisition and Print Management Services for Copier and Printer Fleets

Eliminate Copier Lease and Printer Lease Headaches

Achieving an ideal contract with Optimizon's print management services will virtually eliminate any and all copier lease and printer lease headaches. No longer will your organization miss important cut-off dates or pay ANY end of lease fees. Our Ideal Contracting Process can help your organization make your vendors accountable for all the copier lease fees, and our Integrated Fleet Management system will keep you updated about all the dates that are important in your copier lease and printer lease agreements.

Copy And Print Management Has Never Been Easier or More Cost Effective

We do most of the work, so you don't have to, and we're on your side.

We don't sell equipment, service, or supplies, and we're 100% vendor-neutral.

We're known for significantly raising expectations surrounding LOWERING the levels of cost, INCREASING EXPECTED LEVELS OF performance, and risk that are achievable in document reproduction device contracts.

Let us show you how.

If you’re interested in learning more, simply give us a call and we'll be happy to answer questions, provide feedback on your current project and processes, and help you achieve your goals in the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective manner.

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